I suspect that the Maeve, that appears in this story would have been very unlike me and very unlike the picture that I have included. She would have been tall and wand thin, hard looking with tattoo's and a grim demeanor, She would not have been wearing a ball gown but rather work a'day clothes that were functional and comfortable. Her wings would have been full, brown feathered, with white tips. She would have hated this picture as a semblance of "Her" but I decided to include it simply because the girl looks a little like me when I was younger and also because she is "Weeping Black Tears" which I thought appropriate. 

My life today is very different from the characters named after me and portrayed in Raymond's books. I am pretty ordinary, getting by with everyday life. I have two daughters and they each have a daughter of their own. I am fifty five now and so no longer look like the girl in the picture though I like to think that I still look good for my age. My hair is now blonde, dyed obviously, and my waist a little thicker but essentially I am the girl in the picture looking a little older and I have no swords nor wings.  Perhaps you guessed that.

I have now a knowledge of the magical siguls that she stands upon although I realize that the pattern is stylized to suit the picture. I have learned many things over the years reading and rewriting the tales that Raymond Has left me. This website is of course dedicated to his new novel; "She Wept Black Tears" but there have been many more novels, short stories and articles that I have published before on his behalf. You can see many of them by clicking on the site below.


She Wept Black Tears