She Wept Black Tears

Rob left me a bound sheave of papers. A scroll, bound together with a Crimson ribbon. Each individual sheave had a different origin though they repeated often. There were animal skins tattooed in a dark ink, scraps of paper and cardboard from empty washing powder boxes, toilet roll holders with each strip of cardboard from the centre, peeled off and written upon in the same dark ink.

There were sheets of paper where the whole piece was filled with Rob's small and clean handwriting. Each of these was filled front and back with tiny words all produced in pencil. But the next offering may be a few words in charcoal upon emblazoned thin metal followed by an animal skin tattooed with his words. I remembered that he had very clean and quite beautiful handwriting but some of the words were difficult to read. The blood had dried and became almost indecipherable. The paper was covered with smudged fingerprints and blood stains. I knew not wither it was his or that of another. It could have come from a mortal wound or a paper cut, I did not know nor would I ever.    

I have been receiving these "Scrolls" for many years now and have been working with them, transcribing all that I can read and trying to put in words where those given to me are indecipherable. I like to think that I have done a good job. I am placing together this story now and it is nearly finished.  The Tale that Rob gave me is complete and "he" says, true, but all these things seem so far fetched to me or at least they once did, that I rarely believe them. He has been gone for so many years now but still I awake with the feeling of a tender kiss upon my lips and the sheave that tells his next story. Perhaps he loves me. I sit at the computer trying to put his stories together and make sense of them, I hope that I am doing them justice. 

Each one of these you see above this comment and many more I have transcribed and tried to make them good. I have labored over the words and thoughts but I am still unsure if I have paid them the tribute that they are due, but as you can see I am still doing so. I am still working on my love's books and stories in the hope that one day he will come back to me.

28th July 2017

I am still working on the website whilst working on the book each weekend. I am going to tell more tonight of Rob and I and of our meetings and his disappearance. I have given up working on the book today as there is a long section that is almost impossible to read. The charcoal has become wet and smudged and it is difficult to make out the words. The rain on the turning of the seasons was terrible here in Scotland and so I suppose Rob also suffered in his journey to leave his story with me. I shall start on it again tomorrow. I am hoping still to publish it soon. I feel enamored of him again. I sit in my small flat alone with only the television and the gulls screaming, with their young, from the roof's around me for company. Rob has princes and queens, dukes, barons, and fledgling princesses for company.  Yet I sense from every story I receive that I am am happier than he. 

31st July 2017. 

I have spent the whole of Saturday, Sunday and tonight, translating the tale that laid before me at the very end of March. It coming close to readiness for publication. An amorphous whole is being created from the separate parts and strands that make up the tale. 

All is coalescing into a complete and wondrous tale that is worth your time reading. I have contacted Rob's publishers and they think similarly. In conclusion, I have been given a publication date of the first of September.


It is set in stone now and assured "She Wept Black Tears" will arrive in the bookshops and on major sites like Amazon, Kindle, Goodreads and Kobo on the 1st September 2017. I have tried to do all that I can to draw the tale together and hope that I have made a good job of it. I have sent the book out to reviewers and all have came back telling me how good the book is. I must warn you all, however, that though this novel contains elements that many of Rob's fantasy tales fixated upon, that it is Something completely different. A beast of a different sort.  It is removed and separate, from his "well Sold" Faerie tales. Some will like this others may not. It is darker than many of his other tales but still contains an element of romance and displacement from human kind. It is still a Faerie Tale but it is darker and deeper and not as "twee" as many of the others.


I have decided to include the short tale that I have been writing on this website (just look on the "Author" page) telling of how Rob (Raymond Walker) and I met and all that happened leading up to his disappearance. This Tale works as a precursor to the events told of in "She Wept Black Tears" but also, in a way, as a precursor to many of his other books and short stories. I should warn you, however, that it was written by me and not by the writer himself. I have tried to use his tone and turn of phrase as well as his unusual writing style in the production of the piece. I am really quite good, even if I do say so myself, at writing in his style after all I have transcribed and written down almost forty books or short stories for him now.

I do not feel justified, however, in asking people to pay for this story, after all it was not written by Raymond Walker and is only a potted history of my thoughts and remembrances, some of which may be lacking in colour or detail due to a failing memory. Yet I would like people to read it if they are interested. I know that Raymond's books have an avid following and many of those readers may be interested in hearing the story behind the stories, so to speak.

So what I have decided to do is send people (at my cost) a copy of the book, "The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker" free of all charge, to anyone that buys a physical (paperback or Hardback) copy of the Book "She Wept Black Tears" and a digital copy of the book to all who buy "She Wept Black Tears" in e-book form.

All you have to do is complete the "Contact me" form on this website and leave your name and e-mail address, a note of the form in which you bought "She Wept Black Tears" (A physical book or an e-book) and either a paperback copy or digital copy (as appropriate to your purchase) of "The Sad demise of Raymond Walker" will be sent directly to you.


The time grows nigh. Soon the new book "She Wept Black Tears" will be out there for all to read and see for themselves. It is a scary time for any author, even the most successful (and I do not come into that category) I really hope that you all like it. I hope that you think that it is also cool that you get the additional book "The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker" sent to you for free, digitally if you are an e-reader and physically for those that bought the paperbacks. Remember to fill in the form on the website to get your free book (if you have bought the paperback) and an e-copy for those that buy digitally... To all of those that read or buy. Thank you. I hope that you like it. 


Well we are here and "She Wept Black Tears" is out now for all to buy and read. I have seen it released in both paperback and Digital forms. I am waiting now to see what the public think of this book. The book and newspaper critics loved "She Wept Black Tears" as you can see from the review page but often they are not a good guide to what the average reader enjoy's, perhaps their ideas, loftier or more intense, separate them from the majority of people. I do not know but many of Raymond Walker's books have received Immense critical acclaim and sold few copies. Others have sold well with only "good" reviews. I await the ideas of  reader's with hopeful anticipation and worry as always. We shall soon see how the book will be received and I will publish some of the reviews (good, bad or indifferent) on this website as the book gains a few sales. 


I have never looked at the statistics for this new site and so do not know if I am talking to an audience of one person or hundreds of avid followers. I really should check it out one day. If there are followers on this site many may have wondered why I was not here for the launch of the book yesterday.  The answer is simple and comprehensive. I promised that all who bought the book "She Wept Black Tears" would as a reward receive, free of charge, from me, a copy of "The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker" a companion book that works as an introduction to many of Raymond Walkers tales, books and short stories. Due to many things and reasons I had not finished the book and so yesterday, the first of September, and the launch date for the book, I sat and wrote all day to get the book finished and so make good on my promise. I finished "The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker" at two AM today. Tired but happy I fell into my bed and slept until lunchtime but I have it ready. So for those of you who buy "She Wept Black Tears" all you have to do is fill in the "contact me" page on this website and you will receive a copy of the "The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker" my first book, completely free, I even pay for the postage and packing if you buy a physical (paperback) book.  I hope that you love the book, Raymond's "She Wept Black Tears" rather than my own but I hope that you like that too.


I am really glad (in a way) that I was not inundated with many early sales and so only had to send out a few copies of my tale. "The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker" I was rushing so much to have it finished on time for the release of "She Wept Black Tears" that when re-reading it I noticed a few errors. I suppose it does not matter that much as the book is free and as noted above, sent out to anyone who buys the "She Wept Black Tears" Paperback. Yet like any other author, and I begin to consider myself something approaching that lofty ideal, I do not like to see mistakes or error's in books. I am so glad that I have now had the time to fix and improve upon things. Despite my earlier comments (all of them true) I was also slightly disappointed to see so few early sales of this novel having expected it to do well early on as most of Raymond Walker's books do and then fade to a steady trickle, again as most do. I need not have worried, after a few days away from my e-mail, requests on the website for the free copy are healthy and sales of the e-book on Amazon are good. I have not checked the other sources yet. Thank you to all who have purchased the book wither in Paperback or e-book formats and indeed to all those that have purchased any book by Raymond Walker.

13.09. 17

The first reviews from "readers" have started to appear here and there. I noticed two new reviews on "Amazon" today, another on "Goodreads"  but I have not had time to search for more. It is a little early still.  The book has been out for less than two weeks and so even those that bought it, upon release, may not have started reading it yet, never mind having finished it. The three reviews I have read were good. Two, glowing with praise, the other not so sure of the book. I shall give it another week or so and then paste as many reviews as I can find for the book on the "Reviews" page. 


I have heard today from Rob's publishers that a new edition of "Moonchild and other Tales" is due for release. To anyone that has not read this collection of short tales and novella's, I suggest that you should. I believe it to be his best work to date. It is bittersweet, packed with romance, fantastical creatures and memorable tales. I do not mean to take anything away from his other books after all not only he but I worked hard upon them and they are wonderful but "Moonchild and other Tales" makes me melt. I have read it now five or six times and each time I see a little farther into these wondrous stories.


"Moonchild and other Tales" has entered it's second edition. A change of cover, to a beautiful renaissance painting that may or may not portray a "Moonchild", an extended introduction and a lot of advertising added at the end are the only differences to the original book. So if you own the original edition do not buy the new one even if it has a pretty cover. The tales are identical. If you have not previously bought this book then I would encourage you to do so, It is wonderful.



I have worked hard upon the last scribbling's left by Raymond and I feel sure that when He next appears to me I will be presented with the finished "Winters Ghost" A marvelous work of imagination.

I may be wrong, of course, but I noticed indecipherable scrawl's that he had at time used when writing "A Pale Shadow Creeps" where everything was not based upon his knowledge but rather his odd imagination.

I could easily be wrong and presented with a work opposing, a work of a different sort completely. I will. In time. Find out what I, as his vessel, will be filled with, perhaps all that he wishes to know. That he wishes me to understand.


The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker

As many will know I decided to throw in this Novella as bait to encourage people to buy  "She Wept Black Tears" it was offered for free to all those that bought the novel. There were a number of reasons that I thought to do this.  My initial idea and my aim was to encourage more people to buy "She Wept Black Tears"  and the thought of receiving two books for the price of one seemed like a good idea to me. Such offers certainly work for me when I am out buying my weekly shop. Even when I do not need two bottles of shampoo.

The second reason for offering this book for free is that it is the first book I have ever written. 

I think that I have learned a great deal over the years reading, piecing together, and editing Raymond Walkers many books, novellas and short stories. I am, however, nothing other than a first time writer telling a very personal story.  My friends that edit and compile sometimes take the leap into writing as I have done here. They also tell me not to edit the book myself as "you are too close to your own work to see it clearly" yet I have edited it myself.

Upon the books release, I expected no reaction to "The sad demise of Raymond Walker", it is simply a companion volume, an introduction, as such, to relate the back ground tale that has lead to many of Raymond Walkers books. I never expected to mention it again except that to my surprise it has started selling a few copies here and there in it's own right. 

I do not mean simply as the companion volume that it is and was meant to be but that the book has now sold a few copies in it's own right. Of course it has sold a fraction of the copies that "She Wept Black Tears" has but it is heartening to see even a few copies sold. Thank you to all that have bought them. 17th Nov 17




                    Winter's Ghost

Will be the next novel that you see from Raymond Walker. It is already complete and ready to go. I have been working on it for months lifting the tale from blood covered notes and manuscripts, bits of paper and cardboard. It is beautiful. I wept as I read it but then I would. I put together a blurb for it that I hope you will like.

When all is taken from you, all you wished for, all you loved. When you cannot submit to suicide as a way out, when all you wish for is an ending, to be let loose from this veil of tears to find an end to it all. You are saved in the strangest, darkest way. Or so I hope.

12th March 2018

Winters Ghost. 

Well that is that. Winters Ghost is now out to read whenever you wish. I had more time than usual to pull at all the threads and try and weave them into something other than I have done before. It is true that the book came out before the Kindle edition. It is also true that the first copies of this novel were sold in bookshops rather than online. I came close to making this book seamless. Trying for all versions of this book to be available at the same time. I missed only by a few days here and there. "Mea Culpa". For me however it was the best that I have done to date. Perhaps the next book will have perfect timing. I am due to be delivered another in a little under a month but it takes me so long to make something from his scribbling's that it will be a long time until it may be released. In the meantime, I am sure that you will enjoy this rather sad but beautiful "Ghost Story"

"Over the Tears of the Fallen" is the first novel in a trilogy which will be known as "And the Sea shall give up it's Dead". I know from the notes and annotations that this has taken many years in the writing. I know that Raymond loves the short story or the shorter tale and so this was unexpected. I have given the three books names. The first obviously "Over the Tears of the Fallen" which will be released June or August this year.  This will be followed up, a year later, with "The Lost and Lonely War" and finally, another year on, with "And the Sea shall give up it's Dead.

I love this story, I often think that Raymond's tales end too quickly and I wish to know more, to live in his world, a little longer. If you are akin to me, wishing the tale to continue, wishing not to leave his created world then this will be for you. We, his readers, get to live in his mercurial mind for a longer time. I will tell more of the book soon.

"Over The Tears Of The Fallen" the first book in the trilogy known collectively as "And The Sea Shall Give up It's Dead" will be released September the second this year (2018)  The second volume a year later "The Lost and Lonely War" with the final volume out a year later (2020) and the series complete.  My friends are loving what I have shown them so far. Many of them enjoy Horror tales, more enjoy fantasy and romance and this "monster" has it it all. I particularly loved the on/off romance between Hamish and his wife whilst, one of my older friends wished that she could torture an ex lover. Anne, whose husband died at sea was taken aback and worried as she read the first book that she would be greeted with an apparition one night and would never sleep again.

Untitled book.

It has been very difficult editing the "lead in" tales for "Over the Tears of the Fallen" as there are so many of them that it was not possible for them all to be added to the trilogy without it becoming massive and an unwieldy read. Nor could many of the associated stories be added when trying to make the trilogy a cohesive whole and so I will be releasing a book that consists of two short novels and a number of short stories, most lifted directly from this volume or so it seems to me. I have a friend who is in the same historical society as me who thinks that I have done the right thing but really the only people that can tell me the truth is you. The Reader. I would be pleased to hear from you if you wish to make any comment or suggestion.


Maeve. 01.10.18

I will let you know what the book is called when I think of something. I am open to suggestions.

He Who is Lost to me.

I have exciting news for you, or rather exciting news for me that I hope you also like. Later this year or early next year a new book will be produced by Raymond and I going under the title of "He who is lost" It is formed initially by my writings in "The Sad Demise of Raymond Walker" and the rest of the story of how he was taken by the Faerie, the reasons why and all that has happened since then.

It can be dark at times but it is a wonderful romance suitable for all. I will give you more details when I know more myself.

Maeve 23.10.2018. 


                            He Who Is lost to me. 2.

I was surprised that I was allowed to release, "The sad demise of Raymond Walker" even as a add on to one of Raymond Walker's novels but that I have been asked to reprise my work and create something whole, something new, comes as a shock to me.

I am a novice working soley on the thoughts of another and so, restraining hubris I have brought together my tale and my thoughts on Raymonds capture and imprisonment in a novel that I hope you will enjoy but also will also elucidate and show the events leading up to and the fact of Raymond Walkers disaappearance from this world. Raymonds people are working on a cover etc as I speak.


Although I have worked with a number of people over the years with regard to the production of Raymond's book I have never really been in the centre of it. I feel as though I am in the hurricane. People keeping asking me things and wishing for my opinion. An opinion I really do not have to give. Certainly I have written a portion of this book but it is all based on Raymond Walkers ork. All I do really is transfer what he writes into readable tales and to be honest with you I am not sure that I even do that very well. The fact that this new tale will be a combination of my writing and his worries me but I am happy to do it, in fact I am excited by the idea and looking forward to it's release.

Maeve, 19th November 2018.