I first met Raymond, though I knew him then as "Rob" many years ago now. He was a strange fellow even then, nothing like any of the other boys and men I had ever known. He was an enigma, looking like a faded rock star whilst talking of ancient histories. He would talk of The fall of Athens and their faith in "the wooden wall" or "Leonidas" at Thermopylae and two minutes later was telling me why Roger Waters had to take control of "Pink Floyd" 

He would talk of the creatures of faerie as though they were real and the gods that still lived upon this isle then discussed the relative merits of the philosophers and psychologists. I was enchanted, amazed that someone knew so much, thought so much and had read so much. I asked him of it once and he tossed off the thought with a smile and a wave of his hand as though it was nothing. "I am an insomniac" he said "I need to do something with my time while all others are asleep and so I read". 

When he disappeared I assumed that he would come back, that there was no puzzle that he could not solve, even death, for I thought him dead by then. A broken body in some crevasse or ravine. Shattered at the bottom of a mountain, swept off in a fast flowing river, I imagined all the scenarios but the truth was stranger than all that had entered my head. He had found his Faeries.

I grieved as his family and friends had at his demise but I was considered surplus to requirements at his funeral. After all I was only a girlfriend and one that he had not known for that long. All his family, his brother mother and children thought was true, I had not known him that long, I had not even met any of them, but I had fallen in love with him and my grief was as great as theirs even though they did not know.

I wondered at the time if he loved me as much as I assumed but my faith in him was proved one night in October when he came to me. I dreamed that he had, I dreamed that he stood over me and kissed me upon the lips before leaving again. He whispered the words "I'm Sorry", as he faded again into the shadows of the night. I thought it a dream but in the morning there was a rounded curled sheave of paper laid upon my bed tied with red ribbon. I rose earlier than my husband and so hid them but later opened the sheave with a simple pull on the red ribbon . I found within two Tales, hand written in ink. 

A wondrous tale of the dark woods of Scotland. A holiday trip gone wrong, a perfect holiday ripped apart by nature. A young girl left alone in the depths of the forest is found by a Hiker that cares. He resolves to look after her and to get her to the Hospital that she needs to attend. He will do anything to get her there and see that she is alright. They are a long way from salvation and the medicine that home promises. They are in the dark woods of Northern Argyll where only, woodsmen, nature buffs and walkers exist. There are no roads, no cars, few tractors other than those working the land. There is only Rob, the man that loves walking in the forests, and the poor girl that he has found wrapped in the brambles of an abandoned building. Hurt, Abused, perhaps raped, Rob makes it his mission to save her but they are out in the wilds of Scotland. They are a long way from help, a long way from salvation. Rob is going to save her. Rob is going to save her no matter what it takes.

As time passes, everything changes. The world we live in is in turmoil, we stampede from one crisis to the next, never heeding the grand design,If indeed there is one. Imagine now that nothing changes, the world turns and adapts through time but now; the now we know, here and today, is the same as it always was, the same as it always will be. Time is only a trick played upon us. Has not the world always suffered from turmoil, are our lives not the same as those who have gone before us with few differences? An explanation of time, the characters essentially the same though they live centuries apart, their thoughts, hopes and fears differ little from the reality of today, their goals essentially the same; to eat, have happy lives, to love and be loved, to search endlessly for a contentment that can never be realised. 
As usual Raymond Walker has brought these unanswered questions to life in an exciting tale of love, passion, loss and romance that will keep every reader mesmerised from the very first pages to the dramatic conclusion.

The scroll was ragged and unkempt. There were ink stains everywhere, fingerprints and blotches made by someone unused to quill and ink and as I started to read these tales I knew instantly they were told by my lost love. I could hear his passion and emotion for the beauty of this land. Personally I would rather be lying on a sun drenched beach in Ibiza, I already knew his tales of love and the creatures of faerie, his affinity for the land and its past peoples. I knew that he was still alive and had left these stories for me. Perhaps as a sign of devotion or love or maybe because he knew that he had already glamoured or beguiled me.

I did not know and so hid them away and after a while forgot about them until I was woken again from sleep with the ghost of a kiss to find another scroll upon my bed. 



In The dark depths of a Scots winter, A Pale Shadow Creeps. From Its tomb of stones and broken bones; It rises into the cold and forsaken night. This shade, has a dire purpose. For it to live again its place must be taken beneath The Cairn from which it rose. Whosoever wakened it or one of their choices shall take its place beneath the wet sod of the Argyll hills. Rob is too busy enjoying his new home. He worries about the novel that he needs to write, the money he needs to earn and the new love that he has found. Threats from shades, shadows or wraiths are not something he takes seriously. But he should. Raymond walker again jumps genres with ease creating a very current ghost story with a rather Faustian feel. A romance that will leave you spellbound whilst darkness falls and shadows haunt ancient Scotland, Its standing stones cairns and sepulchers. Rob thinks about love and life and money and never worries about the scratching at the door, the howling in the night and the very strange dreams he has been having. But he should

Everyone has "A Secret Inside", a place where no one goes, always hidden from others buried deep in the dungeons of their soul. A perversion that they will not admit to, a longing to take someones life. A lust that lies unfulfilled, a wish to dominate, A desire to humilate and maim. Sometimes these thoughts haunt their dreams, sometimes their waking hours. It comes crawling up from the darkest depths of their being, rising from its lair to hurt and damage destroy and maim.  A new life together and a fresh start welcome Mae and Rob to their new home in Argyll. In the Heartland of historical Scotland they settle in to enjoy the happy home that they have always wanted. But there is something unusual about their new home and whilst Rob seeks answers to the puzzles surrounding them Mae looks to secure her sanity and make this the dream home that she has always wished for. Robs tantrums, educated Rats, deluded Nurses, stuffed birds and ancient gods that want to live again stand in her way but Mae will have her Idyllic home no matter who or what she has to kill to get it.

I received these two stories upon the turning of the ancient year from winter into spring. They were wrapped in wax coated hide to protect them from the winter storms and were left again upon the foot of my bed and I had a memory of a kiss left upon my lips but that may have only been my imagination. I had married again by this time and to a good man and so I wished him to know nothing of this, even though I told him of my vanished love. He happily accepted the situation and he treated me well, with caring and condolences where necessary with love and understanding when I was blue but I could never tell him the truth no matter how good he was.  It was different competing with a memory rather than a true live love that I still cared for. As the winter approached and all Hallows eve brought the autumn upon us I was visited again by my lost love. who left me me with  more tales. Wrapped again against the the wind and rain in the hide of an animal unknown to me but still ink spotted and difficult to read I tried to piece the tales together.  These are what I perceived them to be. 

It was always Todd's fate to be ridiculed, after all he had never amounted to much, a failed scientist who was thought to be a flake by his peers. All because he had some strange ideas and was not afraid to share them. An astrophysicist that was interested in astronomy was one thing but one interested in astrology was something very different indeed.

Todd has fallen desperately in love with the equally smart and rather exotic Jasmine who lives a world away and would do anything to be with her even if it means changing the nature of science. This romantic drama from the pen of Raymond Walker, the acclaimed author of "The Secret Inside" and "Twisted Sisters" brings together a beautiful and fascinating love story Intertwined With a fast moving science drama. Todd races to save the love of his life from her fate and he will see it done even if he has to change the nature of the universe to achieve it. After all how can you change what is written in the stars?

Nestled in a quiet glen on the west coast of Scotland lies the ancient village of Kilmartin. Surrounded by groups of standing stones, Crypts, ruined Hill forts and duns it lies deep in the primeval Caledonian forest. There are things stirring in the quiet places that surround the village, ancient beings are coming to life, drawn from their mouldering crypts by the promise of life, old love stories are being re-enacted and old, dark gods are waking, opening their pale scarred eyes to gaze down upon the village and its denizens. Kilmartin; beauty, history, betrayal, horror, love, romance and that is not all that you will read of here as there is more. There is Fantasy, ecology, ghosts, eternal love and many other things are themes in this trilogy of novels from Raymond walker. Raymond Walker is the award winning author of "Nut Brown Eyes", "The Miscast Fate" and "A Shiver"

I had noted that the tales were growing darker and more obtuse, that the writer was losing hope. The romance was beginning to be replaced with darkness and hopelessness. My own life was going no better, my husband grew ill and he was a good man, the kind most women wish for, the kind that most women would die for. He did his share of the house work, cared for my children though they were not his, cared for me in every way possible. He was neither a rich nor a poor man and so there were no fantastic adventures but there was also no pain or injury in the way I had in my younger life. He was a good husband, kind and loving in in every way that you can imagine but when he died I did not weep for him, I did not mourn him in the way that a good wife would. I lamented his passing and knew that I had lost a good thing from my life but my romance with my earlier lover still haunted my mind and kept me warm at night. As my husband waned and his illness dug in deep he wished to sleep in another room to give me peace and let me sleep well rather than listen to him in pain. He was the most caring of people. It was that autumn in the breath between fall and winter that I felt a weight upon my legs and opened my eyes to see Rob, rough, hair too long even though it had been thinning for years, having not shaved for a few days bending over me looking deep into my eyes. I felt the ghost of a kiss upon my lips.  I stared up at him and smiling pulled him down upon me pressing my lips to his. I pulled my self down pressing my back into the covers to pull the quilt away so I was naked beneath him . He did not look down to see me rather his eyes never left mine as he stood and with a single finger pressed to his pursed lips said, Shhh as he walked from the room, the house and into the night.  

There is a girl in the River, a beautiful girl, she has long brown hair that curls like River weed. She has dark eyes, that glow with the colours of the River, she is sinuous as the eddy’s and currents that make the River live and Rob has been looking for her his whole life.
She is the girl in the River and he is the one that watches her. He wishes to find out about her, he wishes to know her, his River girl, he wants to understand her and perhaps even love her but the River Girl will try to tame him before the end.

(This is the new novel by Raymond walker, a work of romance but obsession and madness as Rob glimpses something new in the river that house lies above; a girl. It could be simply his imagination or his loneliness causing him to see the girl but he thinks it is not. He thinks her real and sets out to find her, to know what she is, to know her. It is his goal, his need, his obsession and he searches for her for years and one day, he finds her)

“The River Girls Torment” is a work of true beauty, thoughtful, clever, quirky and full of earthy magic. I love This.
Rob Anderson, author of “Elizabeth” 

An absolute Delight from Raymond Walker, clever, current and topical, never mind the beautiful romance, this has so much more to offer than boy meets girl.
Aldrich Kenney, author of “When East meets West” and “The leaves in Poland”


Life Love and Death" is a depiction of the three true events of a humans Life. Beautiful, fantastical and surreal, careering wildly between a true faith in "Eternal love", supernatural and everyday and the effect of death and life on that love. We all love, we feel drawn to those we love, friends, family, our wives, husbands, lovers and the children that we hold dearest of all. What happens if we love them too much, care for them even after they are lost. Do we harm them with our love.There is "A Picture upon the Wall" that tells of children lost to the sea which challenges all or preconceptions "The River Sprite" a story of love eternal and rebirth, acceptance and wisdom. I always enjoy Mr Walkers tales but these are heartfelt in a way that no other author can conceive. Cutting deeply and mercilessly into your emotions, ripping your considered perceptions apart with a surgeons skill. Even the uplifting conclusion of a rebirth leaves you shaken. Marshall Malin. The Literary Journal. I held my breath through most of this book. I started crying after the tenth page and did not stop until the end. When something enters my mind now and I recall a phrase or an idea from it, tears appear. I will always remember this book. Barney Seinfeld. Washington writing revue. 


And so the years passed, my husband long buried my children grown and living their own lives. I had only myself to look after and long for the nights when my old love would come to me delivering his tales and thoughts. Many times I slept through his appearances and woke to find a cloth or hide covered selection of tales at my feet or upon my lower legs. I have more to tell here but I grow tired. It is almost one after midnight and I feel my age and wish to retire for the night and so I leave you until I can bring myself to write more here.Please forgive an old girl that needs her sleep. 

These books are new and quiet compared to many before, My love shows his hope and love again in these two volumes. The Crows Feather; A wonderful conglomeration of tales ending with the cessation of a happy life. Commencing with the wondrous. if dark. tale "The Crows Feather" and including the tales; "A picture upon the wall", "A Wolf in the Hills" and the strange distopian tale; "Wisdom lies in adaptability" all built in the mercurial mind of Raymond Walker.

"The Quiet Snow" is a different beast altogether ..... read on..."The Quiet Snow" removes every trace of love from Rob's life. Guen is gone, then her footprints disappear, then her smell, her body and love vanish; covered with a thin film of falling snow. All trace of Guen is gone and forgotten. But Rob has not forgotten her, she may be missing but he has to keep looking for her, Guen cannot be dead, they would have found a body. She cannot be alive, she would have called, came home. And So Rob searched the hills and valleys looking for his lost love for years and years. A decade passed in search of the impossible. Rob, started to forget and in letting her go he was to find her again.

I wish to tell you now of two other book's, Rob's (Raymond Walker) Publishers have run out of copies of "Moon-child and other Tales" due to good sales (thank you to all that have bought this book) and so started a reprint with a new cover, an extended foreword and some advertising at the end. In my opinion this is a marvelous book and well worth double the purchase price. I really like the new cover as well. But remember if you have previously bought "Moon child and other Tales", do not buy this one. it only has a different cover the tales remain the same. If you have not read it, perhaps it is time for you to do so.

I wanted also to tell of my first book; "The sad demise of Raymond Walker. I know he is not dead but rather vanished. He has disappeared from my life and the lives of others that he cared for or loved. I still hope that I will have him back one day and that we shall see out our twilight years together but hope is fading with each year that passes. I produced this book as an introduction to Rob's (Raymond Walker) tales. I hope that you like it.

A young girl, abandoned in the ancient Caledonian forest seeks refuge in the arms of a hill walker, or so it seems to the casual observer. A River Sprite seeks solace in the arms of a human, as her world is disappearing. A moon-child creeps from her Holt beneath an ancient tree, scenting the night air, and is enveloped in the world of humans. The man who fell in love with death, who no longer wishes to live but cannot die tells his tale. Goats that debate in shady glens at night discuss revolution, Wolves that are men and men who are wolves wonder of their purpose in life. True love remains eternal in the worthiest of sad tales. These new Faerie and folk tales, of Scotland, from the pen of Raymond Walker, Author of “A River of Tears” and “The Secret Inside” embody the living soul of Scots folk and faerie tales. Enchanting, beautiful, haunting and timeless.

Never have I read of such beauty as I have here. The innocence reverberates in every tale. Beautiful. Robert Anderson. Author of "Elizabeth"