I am going to split this page into two sections; The first, reviews from, newspapers, websites and professional reviewers. The second from readers but do not expect anything added here quickly the book is not out until the September and I am writing this at the start of August.

Pre-Release reviews.

What else can I say but "Wow". I thought that I was reading a guide book to the Scottish Highland's and then it hit. Weird and wonderful, I could not stop this mad travelogue until I was in tears. 

Marguerite Fanning. The Book Review.    I have often given Raymond Walker great book reviews and I do not regret a single one but this book is stranger, still, than many of his other books. A walk into the Scot's Highlands, a lost civilisation. Eagle feathers and demonic personages take centre stage.  A true fantasy coupled with a beautiful sadness infuses all the characters. He deserves a good review once again even if I am surprised by the subject matter.  Marsha Main. Poetry monthly.

This book starts like a hill walkers and historians view of paradise but do not grow complacent, this is not a tour guide, rather it is part history and fantasy, both combining in something new that I have rarely read before. Mr Walker is telling stories within stories and ignoring the age old writing convention of "show not tell" This story is told as someone would relate it to you in a pub, a restaurant, a park. Each and every character tells their tale as a personal thought. Strange and refreshing, different, diabolical also very, very good.

Matt Schlammer . Countrywide Magazine.

Take a deep breath and wait.

Exhale slowly as you traverse the steep slopes of the Argyll mountains on the way to a distant summit. Our Hero, Rob, the hill-walker, the "Bear Grylls" of the North, Sets out again, to discover an ancient hill-fort, remote and shielded by the spine of the Argyll atoll. There he becomes embroiled in a centuries old conflict between Celtic tribesmen and a race born of demons. This wondrous book heaps story upon story, each related to the central tale. I loved this book, finding myself in tears at the end. This is a surprising tale, Simple and accommodating when it begins. The characters are normal and easy to take in and understand but then all changes as "Rob " goes hill walking. I will say no more other than just read this. Surprising, unexpected and decidedly different. As a book reviewer it is rare that I say, being truthful, that I have read nothing like this before. That is good. 

Pansy Merchant. 

Horse and Country.


She Wept Black Tears